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Dear Valued ePier Members,

      Ever since we began ePier 17 years ago, we have found it quite odd that our business had a glass ceiling that we could never break through, despite many new members joining our community everyday. Our best ideas were stolen from color schemes, to page layouts, to logic designs by our largest competitor. While companies like Google were left unfettered to grow, challenge and even surpass Yahoo, or Facebook gained and out grew Myspace when it was the dominant company in its segment, we have been under constant attack, hacking, and cyber vandalism from our earliest days making it impossible to focus on growing our core business. We have weathered through all of this to still stand while many other smaller sites have folded. In just the latest attack, our database was frozen and left paralyzed. However, we will correct this and come back stronger than ever before. Please check back with us in about a week. With your continued faith and support, we will break through this glass ceiling that someone wants us to stay under to be your low cost free marketplace. Thank you for your support.

Your ePier Team

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