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1992 Barbie Splash N Fun raft box, accessories
3 1988 California Ken dolls nude
1999 Pilot Barbie nude
2 1989 High School Jazzies
Barbie 1962 white skirt with black flowers
 Barbie Bazaar August 2001
1987 Jewel Secrets Whitney jacket and stars Barbie friend
1993 Mattel Candy Blossoms Lollipop Posy stuffed rabbit MIB
Mego Sparkle Candi orig outfit, 2 others, heels
Remco Mimi
Ken 1963 796 Sailor duffle bag HTF
Ken Best Buy 7762 red pantsuit
1974 Barbie Pool Party deck
Catherine Bach Daisy Dukes 8 inch doll
1972 Ideal Play N Jane striped knit shirt
Ken 1961 784 Terry Togs towel and slippers
1971 Sears Playtime Set pants for toddler dolls
7 1990 Barbie trading cards
Playmates SeaQuest Lt. Cmdr Hitchcock MIP
Mego Candi 11 1/2 inch fashion doll
8 DC Yeah comic books from 1999 to 2000
1989 Hasbro Maxie Slumber Party Simone NRFB
1996 Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie gold outfit
1988 Hasbro Makin Waves Maxie NRFB
1994 Monogram seaQuest Ensign Darwin scale model MIB
It''s Me! Bringing Home an A Family Co. doll NRFB
Skipper friend Pretty Teen Kmart exclusive NRFB 1991
1996 Apollo 13 Galoob Micro Machines NRFB
Playmates SeaQuest Lucas Wolenczak (Jonathan Brandis) MIP
Playmates SeaQuest The Regulator MIP
1994 SeaQuest Manny Crocker MIP
1963 Barbie Ken Masquerade costumes
1991 Barbie Musical Jewelry Box MIB
Dance Club Barbie miniature on stand NRFP
1989 Teen Time Skipper Sleep N Study NRFB
McDonald''s Happy Meal Skipper bridesmaid Flower Girl Fril
November 1997 Biography Pierce Brosnan Michael J. Fox
December 1997 Biography Kirstie Alley Muhammad Ali Roseanne
August 1997 Biography George Clooney Jay Leno Jane Fonda
1972 What''s Up, Doc? novelization paperback
1990 Tyco Arista NRFB Little Mermaid sister
1971 Skipper 3475 Goin Sleddin yellow fur jacket
1960 Barbie 942 Icebreaker skating bodysuit
1968 Barbie 1842 Togetherness knit minidress
1994 Barbie 11731 Going Shopping black vest boots gold acces
1968 Skipper 1959 Warm N Wonderful boots Happy Times
1998 Twirlin' Barbie Make-Up refills NRFP made in USA
1992 Gibson Greetings Barbie birthday card
1973 Skipper 7713 Super Dreamy for Sleepover Parties pajamas
1998 Barbie Kmart March of Dimes doll NRFB

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