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2155 Anchor Hocking Royal Ruby Water Tumbler
2396 MarCrest Daisy Dot Sauce Bowl
2234 Tiara Olive Green Hobnail Basket
3678 Vintage Indiana Killarney Pickle N Olive Bowl
2400 Vintage Daisy Dot Coffee Mug
1469 Fenton Roses on Champagne Egg
3263 Fenton Roses on Plum Bridesmaid Doll
2245 Hazel Atlas Milk Glass Daisy Candleholder
3215 Fenton Ocean Blue QVC Bridesmaid Doll
2240 US Glass Starred Nappy Ramekin Bowl
2253 Anchor Hocking Roses Food Storage Container
1011 Silver Avon Candlestick Decanter
2193a Anchor Hocking Soreno Snack Plate
Hazel Ware Colonial Granada Candy Dish 1686
Hazel Atlas Colonial Granada No.6045 Ashtray
Fenton Pink Rhinestones on Champagne Pedestal Egg 1477-SHIPS
Antique Glass Federal Patrician Spoke Cup 3611
1691 Imperial Candlewick Mini Creamer
1584 Hocking Depression Glass Cameo Ballerina Plate~SHIPS FR
3752 Fenton Floral On Rose Pearl Pedestal Egg~SHIPS FREE
3762 Fenton Hummingbird on French Opal Pedestal Egg~SHIPS FR
22803 White Doves and Pink Roses ~SHIPS FREE
3763 Fenton Romatic Roses Pedestal Egg~SHIPS FREE
3785 Fenton Handpainted Lake Scene Egg~SHIPS FREE
3751 Fenton Family Signature Burmese Floral Cat-FREE SHIPPIN
1487 Fenton Dragonflies On Opal~FREE SHIPPING
1614 Anchor Hocking Berwick Boopie Glass~SHIPPING INCLUDED
3683 Pine Cones on Custard Fawn~SHIPPING INCLUDED
3761  Fenton Blue Roses On White Satin~SHIPPING INCLUDED
2997 QVC FENTON ART GLASS YOP 2001 Ivory Little Sister
3761  Blue Roses On White Satin~SHIPPING INCLUDED
3754 Fenton Winter Wonderland On Black Ebony
3520 Fenton Bridesmaid Doll~Violets on Rosalene ~MINT
1861 Fire King Red Roses Saucer~SHIPPING INCLUDED
2806 Fiesta Apricot Disk Fiesta Pitcher~SI
1786 Fenton Roses on Burmese Basket~FS
2104 Gary Patterson Arby''s Luck Out Promo Tumbler~FS
2071 Stained Glass Coca Cola Tumbler~FS
2599 Vintage Taylor, Smith, Taylor Daphne Saucer
3707-2 Santa With Lots Of Gifts For Everyone ~NEW
14579 Forest Magic Fairy
39164 Lady Slipper Salt & Pepper Set~FS
2472 W.I.B.C Vintage Ceramic Vase~FS
1457 Imperial No.1503 Pleated Panel Ribs Cruet
3204 Boyd''''s Melissa the Miniature Doll
2953 Fenton Aqua Daisy and Button Slipper MIB
12967 Verdigris Garden Centerpiece~FS
1088 Vintage Kimberly Diamond Fire King Mug~FS
3649 Jacob Cherished Teddies Bear Wishing For Love
1612 Anchor Hocking Bubble Open Sugar~FS

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